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Pistoia Alliance Mini Startup Challenge 2016

Welcome to the Pistoia Alliance Mini Startup Challenge 2016!

Full background information, an eligibility checklist, and a copy of the official rules of the competition can all be found on the competition's website: http://www.pistoiaalliance.org/ministartup2016 

The Pistoia Alliance Mini Startup Challenge 2016 is looking for innovative start-up companies in the life sciences or healthcare field covering the following categories:

  • Mobile Health and Data
  • Wearable and Internet of Things

We are looking for startups in these areas that:

  • Will assist or advance life science Research and Development processes and capabilities
  • Will provide solutions to enhance and improve clinical research
  • Will deliver solutions to automate or augment laboratory research efforts and processes
  • Will enable scientific discovery

It should be noted that solutions that target current global healthcare events and challenges would be of particular interest. Any patient or clinical related focus should be able to validate their claims scientifically or show the intention to.

Challenge is an ideal opportunity to showcase fledgling ideas that might one day change the world of life sciences R&D. The winner will receive invaluable access to mentorship from senior figures in the global life sciences and technology industries, as well as a cash award to support further development of their business.

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